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Sori Yanagi Museum

The design of the Sori Yanagi Museum was sensitive to the design requirements of Sori Yanagi’s work, but more focused upon the translation of two-dimensional design techniques into three dimensions, with a preference to that of product design techniques. In this sense, every line and surface is important in describing the project. The project seeks to create a figure/ground relationship between a completey soft, autonomous surface and that of something more defined and rigid.

This contrast has been achieved through edge and crease conditions that develop at the transitional places between soft and hard in the project. Here, more control is also evident, and the opportunity for exterior lines to meet and develop interior spaces is possible. This allows for exterior edge conditions to be exploited on the interior as well, creating “objects within an object” as an additional figure/ground relationship. The sectional profiles of these objects also read within the building, allowing the viewer to experience and read the profiles in and out of the building.